Founder's Welcome

"To nurture the young with the art of Quranic recitation is my Passion and to build a community who loves the Quran is my dream".

Nor Muhammad Ibn Ali,

Founder & CEO

School of Tarannum (SOFTA)

Meet Our Trainer

Mdm Faridah

"Reciting the Quran with the art of Tarannum, one is simply presenting a masterpiece of a beautiful form of art to his Master, with the hope of attaining His Pleasure only.

Atiiqah Suhaimi.jpg
Ustazah A'tii Qah Suhaimi

"We are what we are repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."

Ustazah Widadul Wahidah Mahamod

"Sharing the beauty of Kalamullah is my aspiration in shaping a Quranic ummah."