MUJAWWAD: Adult Class - Intermediate


Attended all our Beginner course (excluding PTQ module)



At the end of the module:

  1. Given a recitation of Quran Mujawwad from any Qari or Qariah, the student will be able to distinguish the names of the Harakat.

  2. The student will be able to recite the Tarannum using different styles in various way.

  3. Given a few verse from Quran, the student will be able to plan his or her own arrangement of the Tarannum.

  4. As the tool to assist in learning, the student will be able to identify the keys from piano.

Learn the various styles used in 7 Tarannum

40 weeks

90 minutes/lesson

Reading the Quran
Module PTQ

5 lessons

90 minutes/lesson

Lesson 1,2,3 - Revision

Lesson 4,5 - PTQ


Revision of all 7 Tarannum

Lesson 1 - 3: Students will be doing revision of all the 7 Tarannum in various sets.

Lesson 4 - 5: Each student will recite the Quranic verse that was assigned to them during Lesson 1 - 3.

The objective of this module is to give feedbacks to the students on how they can improve further in their recitation, and also serves as motivation.

Penilaian Tilawah Al-Quran or PTQ is a 5-lesson modules which consists of 3 days revision and 2 days assessment. The PTQ for Intermediate course consists of two parts.

PART I: Performance (Practical)

As how it was done in Beginner course, the student will be assigned to perform his/her recitation individually in front of the trainer. The objective of this activity is to assess the student's capability in performing his/her recitation.

PART II: Oral (Theory)

This is an additional assessment in the intermediate course. The student will sit for an oral which assess his/her understanding of the Tarannum. The objective of this activity is to assess the student's knowledge in Tarannum taught in the classroom.